Revolutionizing road safety and championing the protection of Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs), this project aims to take Advanced Emergency Braking Systems (AEBS) to new heights under any lighting conditions.

Picture this:

A cutting-edge, long-range, automotive-grade thermal imaging solution that will be seamlessly integrated behind the windshield, the AEBS becomes an unstoppable guardian, swiftly detecting and thwarting potential dangers on the road. From pitch-black nights to glaring sunsets, drivers and pedestrians alike can now breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that accidents involving VRUs will be remarkably reduced, and our roads will be safer than ever before.

Get ready to witness the future of road safety, where innovation meets compassion on the open highways.

We do believe – Once a Luxury, Today a Necessity!

2024 Activities:

1. Lynred’s tutorial

Topic: Thermal Imaging: From Planck’s Law to ADAS Performance Improvement
Date: Tuesday, May 21st
Time: 10:00

2. Roundtable discussion

Topic: Addressing the Challenges and Opportunities for Thermal Imaging in Automotive
Date: Tuesday, May 21st
Time: 17:30 – 18:15

3. Umicore’s presentation

Topic: Lighting Up the Dark: How new PAEB safety requirements can be met in the most economical way by combining next generation thermal Imaging optics and sensors
Date: Wednesday, May 22nd
Time: 12:05nn


Umicore - Lynred – Sekurit Networking Event: featuring Magna Thermal Sensing demo
Date: Wednesday, May 22nd
Time: 20:00 – 22:30
Location: Waterview Loft, 130 Atwater St, Detroit, MI 48226

2023 Activities:

Brussels by night

View from the Sofitel Rooftop of Brussels downtown at night during the AutoSens Umicore-Lynred-Saint Gbain Sekurit event

Click here to watch

Conference papers

Lighting Up the Dark: Next-Gen Thermal Imaging Optics for Affordable Nighttime Pedestrian Detection in Cars

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Automatic Emergency Braking: How can affordable thermal camera improve reliability and extend use cases to all visibility conditions

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